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Two can play that game

Hindsight might be 20/20 for political analysts who have been trying to wrap their heads around President Donald Trump's electoral win, but Southfield attorney Geoffrey Fieger appears to see "2020: A Clear Vision" as a potential bid for a presidential run. The slogan is featured in a recent commercial being run by the one-time Democratic gubernatorial candidate, in which he calls out the new president for promoting a non-inclusion vision. "Donald Trump has succeeded in uncovering many of the feelings of millions of Americans, and to say it isn't pretty is an understatement," Fieger says in the minute-long commercial. "Bigotry, misogyny, intolerance and out-and-out racism are front and center." Commenting from his law office on January 19, Fieger said he can beat Trump at his own game because he isn't a career politician. "The Democrats to my knowledge are all wimps, just like the Republicans, but the Democrats are better people," he said. "Trump isn't a politician. He said a lot of outrageous things that should never been accepted, but in terms of his ability to make politicians look goofy, I kind of like that, but I'm better at it than he is." Fieger said while it's too early to declare whether he will make a run for the presidency, he doesn't feel Trump has the intellectual ability or curiosity to run his own company, let alone the country. "By his own admission, he has never even read a book all the way through," he said. Whether a debate between the two men would be on a stage or in a steel cage remains to be seen, but any meeting between the two is sure to have the bombast and spectacle of a Don King boxing event.


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