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A series of online advertisements featuring Lt. Governor Brian Calley is promoting May 30, 2017 as the day for a major announcement from the state’s number two executive. The lastest 28-second clip shows Calley using a rowing machine in a parody of the Netflix show “House of Cards,” which is set to begin its new season on the same 5.30.17 date. “We have a date in common, nothing more,” Calley says after a narrator states, “There’s no room for Frank Underwolfs in Lansing.” The ad – which plays on a Sesame Street parody featuring a character of the same name – is aimed at promoting Calley’s low profile demeanor, according to John Yob, a political consultant. Yob, who has been working on Calley’s MiPAC committee, which is funding the ads. Yob, the son of former Republican National Committee member and Republican consultant Chuck Yob, said in news reports the committee is working to promote Calley prior to his gubernatorial announcement. John Yob advised Rand Paul’s presidential campaign, and worked for Sen. John McCain and Rick Santorum, Gov. Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land. Yob said last fall while working for Paul and attending a Republican conference on Mackinac Island that he was punched in the face by one of Marco Rubio’s staffers. In 2016, Yob made national headlines when he, his wife and two others had their voter registrations nixed by election officials in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he ran as a delegate for the Republican National Convention. Yob’s voting restrictions were eventually lifted.


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