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Political experts are keeping their eyes laser focused on Michigan, for both Congressional and state races, because traditionally safe Republican districts appear poised to flip to the Democratic side. Roll Call, which provides info on Capital Hill and Washington DC, has listed Michigan’s 11th District, which Rep. David Trott is leaving, opening up a feeding frenzy of candidates on both sides of the aisles, as one of five national races where GOP seats have now shifted toward Democrats. On May 15, Roll Call said both parties have competitive primary races on August 7, but “this is the type of district Republicans will likely struggle to hold in this environment. Move from ‘Tilts Republican to Toss-up.’ That’ll have the six candidates on the Republican side – Kerry Bentivolio, Kristine Bonds, Lena Epstein, Klint Kesto, Mike Kowall and Rocky Raczkowski – in a tizzy. That’s good news for the victor in the August primary that includes Democrats Tim Greimel, Suneel Gupta, Dan Haberman, Fayrouz Saad, Nancy Skinner and Haley Stevens.


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