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A “blue wave” on November 6 that washed over Oakland County apparently left Republican Oakland County Commissioner Tom Berman with a red face. Berman, who lost his re-election bid for the 5th District seat (Waterford, West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake, Sylvan Lake) to Democratic challenger Kristen Nelson by less than 500 votes, took to Facebook on election night while processing the loss. “Regretfully, I got swept out by the ‘blue wave’ that decimated so many Republicans tonight. I did outperform most, but what’s so disappointing is that my loss is really an indictment of our extremely polarizing two-party system,” Berman wrote on Facebook. “I’d normally give my challenger credit, where credit is due, but my opponent was merely a nameless and faceless D on the ballot. She does not have anywhere close to the education, professional and governmental experience or credentials close to being as well qualified, capable and competent as not only me, but anyone that should be put in the position as a member of the Board of Commissioners.” The entire post was later taken down. Replacing it was a November 9 post thanking those who voted for him, with hopes that Nelson would serve the district well.


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