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Gather round Republicans of Oakland County and admit that your party is in need of some changes following the GOP’s overall shellacking by Democrats in the 2018 general election. Leading the charge on that overhaul will be Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski, who was elected on Monday, December 10, as the new chair of the Oakland County Republican Party. “There’s a lot that needs to change on how Republicans campaign,” Raczkowski said. “There needs to be a serious look at what you are offering people in Oakland County to buy into. People take their vote seriously. What kind of future are you willing to protect and provide?” As a former state rep and longtime member of the GOP, it’s unsure exactly how Raczkowski will bring a fresh image to the party in a county that lost control of the county commission, several seats in the state House and Senate, and two key congressional seats. For now, it appears revamping the county GOP into a modern party means playing up past and current achievements by L. Brooks Patterson and company, who is expected to retire at the end of his current term in 2020.


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