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Meshawn Maddock

Republican women in Michigan's 11th Congressional District just can't seem to get enough of President Trump, and the feeling is mutual. In July, the Trump campaign announced 11th District GOP Chair Meshawn Maddock will join its women's outreach team. Meshawn – who co-founded the Michigan Trump Republicans, which focuses on countering Trump opposition by focusing on engaging women – is the wife of Michigan House Rep. Matt "MadDog" Maddock (R-Highland, Milford, Springfield, White Lake, Waterford), who recently blew up headlines by suggesting Michigan sell the Bluewater Bridge to help fix the state's roads. Meshawn will join the national "Women for Trump" coalition. The Tea Party Republican weighed in on Twitter during the Democratic debates, responding to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's comment about her ability to explain white privilege to suburban mothers: "Gillibrand is a Racist," Meshawn tweeted. The 11th Congressional District is currently held by Democrat Haley Stevens, who beat Republican challenger Lena Epstein for the seat in 2018. Epstein had co-chaired Trump's 2016 Michigan campaign.


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