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Michael Bouchard

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard wasted no time in hitting the campaign trail (figuratively) over the Labor Day weekend with a oversize postcard mailing which took an interesting approach. No mention on either side of the card that Bouchard is a Republican, with one headline stressing he is “not a partisan politician.” Smart move when speculation is that Democrats may have a run of the table in Oakland this election, although the 20-year incumbent sheriff has generally been the highest vote-getter in past elections, even surpassing former county executive L. Brooks Patterson in totals. Of course, money still talks, and Bouchard has plenty in the campaign till, a balance of $976,331, according to his post-August primary report. The sheriff’s Democratic opponent, Vincent Gregory, has a post primary balance of $4,298 after raising just under $20,000. Bouchard appears to be using the Austin, Texas-based KAP Strategies political consulting firm like he did for his 2016 re-election victory.


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