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Tudor Dixon

If MIGOP chairwoman Kristina Karamo is removed, whether by her party, the national party or the courts, speculation has ramped up as to who would take her place. The name we keep hearing brought up by all corners of the Republican world is former Congressman and Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra. One politico said, despite popular conjecture, that’s not about to happen, noting that while he knows Hoekstra and likes him, the wealthy and active DeVos family will not support his anointment, primarily because of Hoekstra’s involvement with political consultant John Yob, of whom they are not fans.  Others who have put their names up for speculation are Oakland County Republican Party chair Vance Patrick, who does not have the support he may think he has, and perennial losing candidate and oil heiress Lena Epstein of Bloomfield Township, who despite coming from a wealthy family does not have a history of raising a lot of money. A name quietly being whispered who could potentially unite the MAGA crowd and some old school Republicans is 2022 gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon


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