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Bloomfield Township resident Jerome Jay Allen got  his 15 minutes of fame when he filed for a recount of November election results in some precincts in a number of Michigan counties, including those in Oakland, for Proposals 2 (election changes) and Proposal 3 (abortion rights). Preliminary results showed little change in the outcome of either ballot proposals. Proposal 2 passed with 60 percent support while Proposal 3 was backed by 57 percent of those casing votes. The estimated cost of the recount is $75,000, backed by two far right groups, The American Project with funding from the Election Integrity Force. Both fringe groups are known for failed attempts to legally overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Look for changes in recount laws prior to the 2024 election because county election officials say that the $175 charge per precinct for a recount  does not cover the cost of the labor intensive undertaking. In Oakland County alone it required at least 100 workers to hand review of ballots in the failed effort.



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