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Kristina Karamo

Poor Kristina Karamo. Despite the Michigan Republican Party voting her as their chairperson not even two years ago, they seem to persistently have a case of buyer’s remorse. The 2022 Republican Secretary of State candidate, who has yet to concede her loss despite being trounced (even with the former president’s anointment), can’t seem to raise money for her party or even hold a coalition together. A devout believer of a variety of conspiracy theories, members of the state GOP party committee are – once again – circulating a petition to replace her. Daniel Lawless, a committee member, has been emailing other committee members a removal petition, noting they are “woefully behind” on fundraising and she had abandoned a campaign of transparency. Gee, he just noticed? While the goal of a state party is to raise big bucks for elections and get candidates elected, Karamo’s goal “is to save the country.” Hmm. That’s a lofty ambition. Especially since they reportedly only have about $35,000 in the bank. A local Republican elected official confirmed the second petition effort, noting it has reached 50 percent of committee members, but per the state GOP, they need 75 percent to remove an official. Maybe a third time will be the charm.



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