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Can’t help but include the latest scandal to roil the office of Macomb County Republican Prosecutor Peter Lucido who has been hit with a second federal lawsuit, this one from a job applicant for allegedly asking verboten questions during a job interview related to marital status (applicant was single male) and later supposedly intimating that the applicant was “odd” and “off” – possible code words for homosexual. All of which Lucido denies, of course. But it is this type of behavior that was outlined in an earlier Butzel Long law firm internal investigation report about Lucido’s office, commissioned by Macomb County Democrat Executive Mark Hackel, who is not a fan of the prosecutor. Possible politics aside, a fired Macomb assistant prosecutor filed a federal lawsuit this past January against Lucido claiming he lost his job because he cooperated with the internal investigation which found multiple instances of inappropriate behavior and sexual comments by Lucido. Let us not forget that when he was in the state Senate, before becoming prosecutor, Lucido was the subject of sexual innuendo and inappropriate touching complaints from three women, one a news reporter and one was local state Senator Mallory McMorrow. The conclusion of an independent investigation found a pattern of such behavior and recommended Lucido attend something akin to sensitivity training. #itdidnotwork.


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