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Speaking of Sen. Rosemary Bayer, who was elected to her seat in 2018, she fully intends to run for re-election in 2022 – but there could be a slight wrinkle that could get in the way. It’s called redistricting, and with the 2020 U.S. Census results delayed, so too are the results expected from the Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission. “It will depend on the lines (of the district),” Bayer said. “We might not know until January 1, 2021 – and you have to live in the district by April 15.” Bayer is a resident of Beverly Hills, and years ago, resided in Lake Orion, so she has had no hesitation to moving around. But the tight deadline, coupled with the ongoing recuperation by her husband, who suffered a stroke last year, may make it difficult to hire that moving van. “I really like this work,” she said, noting that her intention when she first ran was always to run for two terms. “I went there for a mission, and it’s not done yet, especially for school funding equity.”



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