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With former Detroit Police Chief allegedly getting into the Republican gubernatorial race, what does that do to the chances of always-a-candidate-never-a-winner John James and GOP chair Ronna (Don’t call me Romney) McDaniel? A source who met with McDaniel recently said that while she would “be a formidable candidate if she got into the race,” she’s unlikely to run. While she would raise the most money of any candidate (Whitmer already has over $3.5 million in the till) and have the support of Republicans nationwide, she would take a huge pay cut from running the national party. While Whitmer has taken her lumps from many over her pandemic strategy, he also acknowledged, “she has done a good job. I don’t think Romney can beat Whitmer.” As for James, who has formed a political action committee, word is he has been meeting with lots of people, especially conservative radio folk, to line them up, “I don’t know how or why he thinks he can take on a statewide election. He’s shown twice he can’t win,” the Republican politico said. A better option – and likelihood – is a congressional seat. “He can definitely take out (Haley) Stevens,”( D-Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, western Oakland and Wayne counties). Stay tuned.


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