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Not all Michigan Republicans are fans of President Donald Trump, or of his notorious tweets. Just ask – or follow on Twitter – Rep. Justin Amash (R-Grand Rapids), a fourth-term congressman who is chairman of the House of Representative’s Liberty Caucus and has been associated with the Tea Party. He rode the Tea Party’s populist wave into office in 2010, but today, as a staunch libertarian and fierce conservative, he is anything but “popular” with the new president, and refuses to compromise his beliefs – routinely calling Trump out on everything from corporate welfare and cronyism to his emergency orders, notably on immigration, which Amash contends “undermines our constitutional system.” Amash, 37, who has been called the “most hated Republican” in some GOP circles because of his consistency relative to his core values and standards of libertarianism, a political philosophy advocating individuals’ sovereignty over their own lives, freedom of choice, and the importance of individual judgement, even if it means he sometimes votes with Democrats. “I ran on a set of principles, and it really doesn’t matter which party is in charge or who the president is; I’m going to stick with my principles,” he tweeted. With over 100,000 Twitter followers, Amash may not have Trump’s reach on Twitter, but he gets his message across, both to his followers, and to that Follower-in-Chief.


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