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After seemingly all the network’s news stars pitched a fit, former RNC chair Ronna (don’t call me Romney) McDaniel of Oakland County got the hook from NBC, just five days after she was hired to provide a more conservative, Republican perspective going into this election cycle for the more left-leaning network. The reason for the uproar, according to the legions of talking heads, was not that McDaniel is a Republican, but that she was a MAGA election-denier, helping to challenge the results of Michigan’s 2020 presidential election. As Eric Lutz wrote in Vanity Fair, “The issue, of course, is not that McDaniel is a Republican. It’s that she was an active participant in Trump’s plot to overturn a democratic election in 2020, an apologist for the violent insurrection he inspired, and an enabler of his quest to return to power on an even more authoritarian agenda.” A Michigan colleague has called “foul” on that assessment, pointing out that of all the individuals Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed lawsuits against (and there are a lot), McDaniel has never been one of them, for anything. “They (NBC) did a hatchet job on her – that’s her job as chair of the RNC. And NBC was one of three networks going after her. Who is Chuck Todd or Jen Psaki to tell NBC who to hire? As chair of the RNC, how does she go on TV and not support the guy?,” he said, noting that is a major reason she left the position in March, as she had the votes to stay, despite statements that she was forced out by former President Trump. “What they did to her was humiliating. She’ll get a lot of money from them,” the associate said, noting she has hired a “Fieger-type lawyer on steroids” from Los Angeles to represent her in a lawsuit against the network. 



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