As the #metoo hashtag has taken over social media, and in the wake of Alabama Republican Roy Moore’s loss, word is Republican leadership in Michigan wants a woman as the Secretary of State candidate, regardless of qualifications. That’s apparently why Mary Treder Lang of Grosse Pointe Farms – “a complete neophyte who leadership wants for the seat,” according to a top Michigan Republican. Treder Lang is a CPA and an Eastern Michigan University regent – obviously enough for Republicans to feel confident she can take on former Wayne State Law School Dean Jocelyn Benson, who announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination. But don’t count out Stan Grot, Shelby Township Clerk, on the Republican side. “There’s nothing good to say about him,” says one observer, “but he has a lot of precinct votes, and that’s what it takes to win. Leadership doesn’t want him, but he’s stubborn. But Jocelyn Benson will mop the floor with him. She is very smart and polished.” Stayed tuned.


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