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With long time, and beloved, Bloomfield Township Clerk Jan Roncelli retiring in 2020, rumors and speculation over who will ultimately fill her charismatic shoes have been swirling. At the recent State of the County report by county executive L. Brooks Patterson, township trustee Dave Buckley – rumored himself to be positioning himself to take on supervisor Leo Savoie – was overheard asking Rochester Hills Clerk Tina Barton if she knew township trustee Dani Walsh. Feeling Barton out, who is a former assistant Bloomfield Township clerk, Buckley asked her if she knew Dani Walsh, because “she's interested in clerk...she needs a paycheck.” After the February 12th meeting, Walsh asked her how she liked being clerk, and that she's thinking about running for clerk. While Roncelli is currently neutral regarding her successor, she notes as it gets closer to the filing deadline for 2020, “they'll come out of the woodwork.”


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