While Republican Senate hopeful John James of Farmington Hills continues to avoid the “identity crisis” that the Michigan Democratic Party asserts he is having in avoiding his previous “2000 percent” support of President Donald Trump and his agenda, which is proving more difficult as impeachment hearings continue, James is turning to another hopeful Republican leader for cover. Politico reported that James is one of the candidates Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is hosting in late October in New York City for Republican Senators and candidates who “need daylight from Trump.” James also picked up the endorsement of Koch-funded FreedomWorks. In the third quarter of 2019, James announced his campaign raised $3 million from approximately 30,000 donors. Political wonks think James is going to need all that money to beat rival Senator Gary Peters (D-Bloomfield Township), as the race was recently rated as “Likely D” – meaning Democrat.


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