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Ronna McDaniel

Just when you thought political campaigns and elections were done for the time being. Now here comes behind-the-scenes drama and machinations for chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), following the party’s national bashing. Ronna (don’t call me Romney) McDaniel of Northville has been perched atop as chair of the RNC since 2017, after a very successful run as Michigan GOP chair, helping The Donald win the state. McDaniel has maintained her position for three terms, and is looking to be re-elected for a rare fourth term in late January. But all is not smooth sailing – some in the party are choosing to blame her for the failure of Republicans nationally to win many Senate and gubernatorial contests, as well as down-ballot races, and not former President Donald Trump, who capriciously endorsed candidates based on fealty. So far McDaniel has dispatched challengers, including failed New York gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin samurai-fashion, but is currently facing another Trump favorite, California RNC committeewoman and Trump election law attorney Harmeet Dhillon, and some grassroots members say it’s time for McDaniel to pack it in. Dhillon is  also currying favor with right-wing media types like Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, who have called for a “changing of the guard.” But McDaniel has sent letters to membership, and currently has as many as 107 of the RNC’s 168 voting members in her hand – a majority. But Dhillion may well peel some of those supporters away and the Florida GOP is due to vote against McDaniel. As to why she wants to continue? A close confident says, “It’s a great gig. You fly around, wine and dine donors, and she raises and makes a lot of money.”



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