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Say you’ve been a Republican all your life, but even though the Grand Ol’ Party continues to trend to the right of center, it just isn’t far right enough for you. There may be some place new for you to hang your hat. Brian VanDussen of Zeeland, who was a Republican delegate and devotee, said he is now sick of the Republican Party, so he’s going to start his own – to be called the  Patriot Party in Michigan. “Keeping American Great” is a goal for VanDussen and his new party. There are other efforts to form a Patriot Party in other states by folks who assert Republican officials didn’t do enough to investigate allegations about fraud – determined to be unfounded – in the 2020 presidential election, which former President Donald Trump (R) lost to President Joe Biden (D). Membership in Michigan’s American Patriot Party requires support of their platform, and a $35 donation. On their website, their platform repeatedly states their prime issue is “limiting the federal government,”  as well as some interpretations of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, along with select writings of the nation’s founders – all of which emphasize the “rights of local communities over state, county and federal governments and entities.” It’s said that Trump has disavowed the new party which has yet to meet state equirements before its candidates can appear on the ballot.



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