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There are a couple of efforts underway to help pay the expected mounting legal expenses for the 16 Michigan fake electors who are facing felony charges for violation of election law. The Michigan Conservative Coalition, on a so-called Christian online donation platform, is raising funds for former GOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock and West Bloomfield resident and state party official Marian Sheridan. The goal is $100,000 and as of mid-August, about $33,000 had been donated. Then there’s the now infamous event at Meshawn’s Milford home on August 4 – a poolside fundraiser for the fake electors facing felony charges brought by Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. Hosted by the Grand New Party PAC, the pool gathering was marked by comments from Meshawn’s husband, Republican state House member Matt Maddock (Milford), who waxed on about  “civil war or some sort of revolution” if authorities continued to press in the courts against election law violators, as he likened the latest indictments to Nazi treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.  “They want to make damn sure that anyone who questions the election or disputes the election in 2024 is threatened by what they’re doing to our electors and other people throughout this nation. That you will not say anything. You are going to shut the F up and you were going to walk into that gas chamber. That’s what they want because that’s what’s coming for us.” You can hear his comments here, thanks to a recording first posted by The Messenger.



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