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With the latest polling among Democrats showing an overwhelming support for anybody-but-Joe Biden to run in 2024, prognosticators are hard at work floating possible party contenders for a replacement on the presidential ballot. Along with the obligatory mention of Vice-President Kamala Harris and left coast (California) Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is now making it into the playbook put together by the chattering class.  Another Michigan possibility is Indiana expat Pete Buttigieg, currently Transportation Secretary in the Biden administration.  He and his husband are now making Traverse City their home.  Some are even speculating that he could make a future run for governor here or for the U.S. Senate when Debbie Stabenow calls it quits, but that is assuming that Democrat and media darling state Senator Mallory McMorrow of Oakland County doesn’t run for the U.S. Senate at some point down the road. 


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