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Michigan Republicans are starting to wonder about the bona fides of congressional candidate Matthew DenOtter of Waterford, running in the August primary against Mark Ambrose to be the Republican standard bearer in the November general election for Oakland's 11th District which covers the Birmingham-Bloomfield area, along with a large swath of the county. Reliable sources have shared with Oakland Confidential that the “Christian Conservative,” who claims to know how to solve business crises and inflation, has all the makings of a train-wreck of a record. First, he is on his fourth marriage in 16 years. Yes, you say, sh*t happens. But there's more. His third wife (married under two years) requested temporary rehabilitative alimony because her savings were depleted for household purchases and a car when Matthew was forced to file for bankruptcy and had a home on Shipman in Birmingham foreclosed upon. Legal filings in Oakland County Circuit Court two years ago reveal that DenOtter and a business partner, operating as SB Holdings in Bloomfield Hills, sold a property to which they supposedly made renovations, and then allegedly did not properly disclose to the purchaser what they had (or had not) done, and the purchaser had significant problems with the home. DenOtter and his partner are now being sued for fraud and negligent misrepresentation. “He's been going around for eight months saying he's the one to beat and to go against (Democrats) Haley Stevens or Andy Levin,” said one connected Lansing/GOP insider. “How has no one vetted him?”



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