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Perry Johnson

Bloomfield Hills businessman and failed 2022 Republican gubernatorial candidate Perry Johnson, now a current presidential candidate, is allegedly getting ready to sue the Republican National Committee (RNC) because he failed to meet their qualifications to be on the stage during the August 23 presidential debate in Wisconsin. The RNC set a baseline of 40,000 individual campaign donors and at least one percent support in polls that met the RNC’s standards. And therein lies the hitch. Johnson, who has loaned his presidential campaign $8.4 million, is furious that the RNC didn’t recognize the poll which had him at one percent as meeting their criteria. In a statement, Johnson said, “It is clear that from the beginning, the RNC knew who they wanted on the stage and who they wanted to ban from the stage. Simply put, this is a flawed decision of a poorly run process of a corrupt organization.” “He’s not going to win. The rules are the rules,” said a high-ranking Republican. “I think he just wants the attention. He can’t possibly think he’ll be president.” Fox News watchers have seen ads Johnson has been running proudly proclaiming “he’s the only candidate to donate $10,000” to a legal fund for false electors. A real claim to fame.



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