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Speaking of James Craig, since he failed to make it as a Republican candidate for governor by submitting enough legitimate signatures, he’s announced he’s filing as a write-in candidate. Those in the know estimate a write-in statewide campaign will cost about $22 million. Craig has $1 million. “I don’t know anyone writing him checks,” said one early Republican backer. “Templar Baker (former GOP Chair Bobby Schostak’s political consulting group) was raising money for him, but they aren’t any more.” Some in the party are likening Craig’s campaign to former Wayne County Sheriff  Bill Lucas, who was a popular African American law enforcer, became the first Wayne County executive, and in 1986, switched parties, became a Republican and was convinced to run for governor against Democrat incumbent Governor Jim Blanchard. When he first switched parties, like Craig, he received national accolades, and there was high hopes. However, Lucas received a shellacking, receiving only 31.45 percent of the vote, and Blanchard coasted to re-election. There’s little excitement, or hope, for the Republicans left on the ticket against Gretchen Whitmer. “Many Republicans are foreseeing an absolute disaster this year,” said a Republican politico. Others are calling it Armageddon 2022 for the history books.



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