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The announcement by GOP chairperson Kristina Karamo that a hybrid system of primary votes and caucus elections will determine the state party’s decision on who the 55 Michigan delegates to the national convention will support for president has widened the chasm in the state party. With Democrats deciding to hold their primary elections earlier this year (February 27), the GOP was facing the loss of delegates if they bucked the party and went with a February primary vote. So one insider said that Michigan party chieftains cut a deal with Republican National Committee chair and Michigan native Ronna (don’t call me Romney) McDaniel to protect Michigan’s Republican delegate count. Sixteen of the delegates will be chosen in the February popular primary vote, then the balance will be chosen in March caucuses. One party observer labeled the new hybrid system as “rigged for (Donald) Trump.” According to this scenario, the MAGA dominated delegates will basically back the twice-indicted former president (hand-picked by party insiders) which will discourage other Republican hopefuls from coming to Michigan to campaign for 2024 votes. One prognosticator labeled the new system as the “absolute height of hypocrisy” and further questioned what has happened to “free and fair elections.” One more divisive element that adds to the party’s downward spiral in Michigan.



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