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You can dismiss it as street theater gone bad but in the real world it is a violation of state and federal law to submit a false public record (up to 14 years) and attempt to circumvent election law (up to five years). Sobering thoughts for the 16 GOP members who attempted to enter the Michigan Capitol on December 14, 2020, falsely claiming that they represented state voters as the official electors aiming to cast ballots for the former president and vice-president, ignoring the 154,000 ballot victory of President Joe Biden. The clown posse included Michigan-based GOP national committee member Kathy Berden, state party vice-chairwoman Marian Sheridan and Republican Shelby Township Clerk Stan Grot. Oh, and state Republican Party co-chair, and Milford resident/wife of state Representative Matt Maddock, Meshawn Maddock, who never misses an opportunity to burnish her MAGA bona fides. All four and 12 others signed the falsified document which claims they convened in the Capitol and cast their votes for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Not true. The group was denied entry into the state Capitol by Michigan State Police that day, but Berden submitted the bogus electoral certificate to the U.S. Senate and other officials connected with the Electoral College in an attempt to gum up the works when Congress was preparing to accept official November 2020 vote counts from the states. The office of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has been investigating the violation of law for a year, but the AG announced on national television (Rachel Maddow show/MSNBC) weeks ago that she has now forwarded the matter to the U.S. Attorney for the Western District in Michigan for a federal probe.



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