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Rumors are running rampant over who will get to play kingmaker in the Grand Old Party, or what is left of it in Michigan, come the February convention, when delegates elect their new chairs for a two-year cycle. According to sources, a chair can be chosen among any candidate – they don’t have to be a convention delegate. Word is that current chair Ron Weiser has no interest in continuing in the role, and co-chair Meshawn Maddock is on the outs with Trump, who will not give her his ring to kiss this go-round. While failed Republican attorney general candidate Matt DePerno has announced that he would like to run the party, former party co-chair Jeff Sakwa laughs at the idea of that, noting the primary function is massive fundraising. “The guy who raised the least amount of money for his campaign and lost wants to be the party chair – whose job is to raise money. I assume (Democrat attorney general) Dana Nessel supports that effort,” he said. Failed gubernatorial candidate and former Detroit police chief James Craig has also thought about running for party chair, but a top Republican source said he’s been talked out of it. “He didn’t raise any money when he was running, and he didn’t spend any time promoting Tudor,” it was noted. Even gubernatorial loser Tudor Dixon put her name in contention via Twitter, which drew a round of guffaws from some observers.  Serious names being bandied about – who are old-time Republican stalwarts who can raise serious bucks? Former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land and former Congressman Pete Hoekstra, who served as U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands under President Trump.



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