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Jewell Jones

The original details about the arrest of Michigan House member Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) were captivating enough after he was observed driving erratically on I-96 in Livingston County and eventually crashing his SUV. Tased and peppersprayed by state police for repeatedly refusing to provide a drivers license to officers and eventually wrestled to the ground, the disgraced state rep tried to throw his inebriated (twice the legal limit) weight around by threatening to call the governor and penalize the police through the legislative budget process. Jones is facing felony and misdemeanor charges for operating his car with high blood alcohol count, reckless driving, and possession of a weapon (a Glock pistol was in the cupholder) while intoxicated. Now we learn, from MIRS (Michigan Information Research Service), which filed a Freedom of Information request for the full arrest report, that when paramedic officials first arrived at the scene, the female passenger was standing outside the vehicle with her pants down, along with Jones, who was described as having his pants partially down. A titillating detail left out of nearly all media accounts, with the exception of Fox 2 Detroit TV station. 



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