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Who could have imagined that in 2017 anti-semitism would once again be rearing its ugly head. Sadly, some local Republicans confirm the toxic malady hit the state’s Republican convention in February, when party administrative vice-chair David Wolkinson of Birmingham ran for re-election to the party position. “There were a bunch of people who also wanted to be vice-chair who interrupted the proceedings,” said a Bloomfield Township Republican who was in the room, backed up by a local state legislator who witnessed the proceedings. The individual said that Cecil St. Pierre, Warren city council president, was running the proceedings for the 9th District, which includes Bloomfield Township, “and was allowing people to interrupt.” Most disturbing, several sources said, were chants that began with – “Boo, hoo, go away Jew ” – which were permitted to continue through the vote, aimed at Wolkinson, who is Jewish. “I couldn’t believe it,” said the township Republican, who has long been active at the state level. “Here, we’re supposed to be together, and they’re going too far. No one said this chant is wrong. And Ron Weiser (Michigan Republican Party Chairperson, who was not in the room) is Jewish. I spoke to Wolkinson, but he didn’t want to make a fuss.” Wolkinson lost the position. Heads up to those living in the 9th District, whose congressman is Rep. Sander Levin, of what is hiding in plain sight.


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