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Mike Kowall

White Lake Republican and term-limited, 15th District State Senator Mike Kowall has formed a committee to run for the Secretary of State position held by fellow Oakland County GOP member Ruth Johnson, who is term limited as SOS. Kowall sent out the signal that he was running when he formed a committee in mid-May. "It was a sort of soft announcement," Kowall said. "I am going to run. But I have to get the party nomination. If you're fortunate enough to get past that, then you can run in the general election. I'll know in August next year (2018) if I have the nomination, then I only have the balance of August, September and October to campaign. It's really quick." Secretary of State candidates don't file for ballots like traditional candidates – rather they are nominated at party conventions. Kowall has served two terms in the state House of Republicans and is in the midst of his second term in the Senate, where he serves as the Senate Majority Floor Leader, a leadership post he got with unanimous support from his caucus. Meanwhile, Johnson, of Holly, has formed her own committee for the 14th District Senate Seat, which covers parts of Oakland and Genesee counties.


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