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Michigan Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful Bill Schuette makes the list this month for jumping on the bandwagon to file a legal brief with the Michigan Supreme Court in hopes of helping overturn a lower court decision that is allowing a gerrymandering proposal to appear on the November ballot. The citizen initiative by Voters Not Politicians is being contested by a group calling itself Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution (basically a front for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce). If approved by voters, the ballot issue would turn over to a special commission the task every 10 years of drawing new political districts rather than the current system of letting the party in power set district boundaries, which really becomes a self preservation exercise for the majority party. As we went to press, Schuette was being given five minutes to argue before the Supremes that a revision of this nature should be up to a constitutional convention and not voters at the polls this fall. Not the first time Schuette was on the wrong side of an issue.


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