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This month, all of the lame duck Republicans in the state House and Senate make the list, including from Oakland County Sen. Mike Kowall (White Lake), Sen. Jim Marleau (Bloomfield Township), Sen. Marty Knollenberg (Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills), Rep. Mike McCready (Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township), Rep. Klint Kesto (Commerce Township, West Bloomfield), Rep. Mike Webber (Rochester, Rochester Hills)...for their self-centered and egregious behavior in voting to gut legislation and proposals against the will of the people. Whether weakening minimum wage and paid sick leave laws, ability to home grow pot from the recreational marijuana proposal, tweaking same day registration after voters just approved it, voting to keep “dark money” contributions secret, several laws that curb local control, working to stymie redistricting against the anti-gerrymandering proposal, changing campaign finance oversight and school oversight, reducing wetlands protection – you name it. Whether lawmakers will have the necessary votes or whether Gov. Snyder ends up signing the bills into law or not, the damage to Republicans, who have self-immolated on their way out the door, is done, and they should all be embarrassed. Remember this – voters memories are long, and ours is even longer.


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