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David Potts

The 100th Michigan Legislature had not even been sworn in, and the sharks were already circling the boats, smelling blood. Not that anyone’s dead in the water – at least not yet. Republican David Potts of Birmingham confirmed it wasn’t the excitement of New Year’s Eve that had him announcing that he was running for the state House of Representatives in the 40th District before Rep. Mari Manoogian (D) had even taken the oath of office. The former county commissioner, who served the Birmingham area for six years before he lost his seat to redistricting, ran for the state seat in 2012, but lost to former Rep. Mike McCready in the Republican primary. “I’ve served in office before and I feel I have something to offer. I’m not done. I like legislative activity, and I’d love to serve,” Potts, an attorney in private practice, said. “I think the Republican majority will be maintained, although thin. I believe in cooperation with the other side.” Potts, who is on the opposite side of the age spectrum, so to speak, of Manoogian, noted, “I’ll be older than some of the members – but I have experience.” He said he’s already lined up pollster and strategist Steve Mitchell and tapped Chris Cummins as a staffer. He said while he’ll have fundraisers, he’s going to fund himself. “I run to win,” Potts said. Game on.


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