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Rudy Hobbs

When searching for deputy executives for Oakland County, new executive Dave Coulter (D) said a priority was finding the best and most qualified team surrounding him to help him lead the county. Imagine the surprise then when we discovered that Oakland County Deputy Executive Rudy Hobbs (D-Southfield) left the Michigan House of Representatives nearly five years ago, but is still paying off nearly $10,000 in campaign finance fines he accrued as a lawmaker. While Hobbs’ fines are considerably lower than those owed by some other former legislators, the penalties are hardly petty change. The state declined Hobbs’ request to dissolve his candidate committee due to $2,125 in late filing fees – which have now grown. The campaign made partial payments in 2017 and 2018. Hobbs’ political action committee (PAC) has also been fined for late filings. Former candidates aren’t permitted to dissolve campaign or PACs if they owe money to the state. Hobbs has hardly been inactive, staying in the game – prior to joining Oakland County, Hobbs was a lobbyist with Michigan Legislative Consultants, in Lansing, and served as chief of staff to Wayne County Executive Warren Evans.


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