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Frank Beckmann

You know you have a widespread problem with your image – or, in fact, being seen at all – when radio hosts who back you are wondering where in the world you are. It's a U.S. Senate version of Where's Waldo? – local conservative radio personality Frank Beckmann recently appeared on the Paul W. Smith show on WJR to voice his criticism of Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James invisibility as far as Michigan voters and media are concerned. Both conservative radio hosts agreed with Beckmann's assessment that James appeared to be hiding from questions from both sides for the last several months, and wondered why he seemed so afraid to talk to anyone in Michigan, noting he has been visible in out-of-state fundraisers. James unsuccessfully ran for the Senate in 2018 against Senator Debbie Stabenow – and both hosts wondered if he was trying a different tactic – like a cloak of invisibility – this time.“We really haven't thought about him very much because he's not out there,” said Smith. Beckmann agreed it didn't make much sense to him. Ouch.


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