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It’s possible John James (R-Farmington Hills) was just trying to make a little noise when he put his foot in his mouth on Flashpoint, to break out from the downward spiral that being associated with President Trump has left him in as Trump’s nosediving numbers are helping tank Senatorial candidates around the country. A New York Times/Siena poll in late June painted a grim reaper-like picture for Republicans down ballot in Michigan, Arizona and North Carolina, with registered voters in Michigan preferring Democrat Senator Gary Peters, the incumbent, 41 percent to James, 31 percent, with 29 percent saying “other,” including those who hadn’t made up their mind yet. The pollsters said the numbers mirror Trump’s prospects, especially in Michigan, where former Vice President Joe Biden is leading Trump by 11 points. “Taken together, the three battleground states paint a grim picture for Republicans right now – and suggest that if Mr. Trump does not arrest his fall he could hand Democrats control of both the presidency and the Senate next year,” the New York Times said in reporting the poll.


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