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Dave Coulter

While no one – yet – has filed a campaign finance violation on Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter, who is running to retain his position, we’re wondering if one is potentially in the offing. A letter making its way to many Oakland County residents has a return address from “Oakland Strong” in Royal Oak, and on the envelope the line:“An important message from County Executive David Coulter.” The letter inside has “David Coulter, Oakland County,” in bold at the top, before thanking the letter holder for “all you have done and continue to do to limit the spread of COVID-19.” Subsequent paragraphs inform the reader of highlights of Coulter’s year in office, ending with “We are just getting started.” There is no recognition of paid attribution, and a quick check of Oakland County’s election site and Michigan Secretary of State shows no political action committee for “Oakland Strong.” And if it were a routine mailing from the county executive – as have been sent out – it would have been identified with the county seal. This letter? Nada. Makes us wonder about what its true nature is all about – and who’s funding it.


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