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Ads by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) that had been running on Michigan television stations, in its efforts to unseat Democratic Senator Gary Peters with challenger John James (R), appear to have played fast and loose with the facts. The NRSC launched a website,, asserting that Peters has a poor record on veterans affairs – despite being a veteran himself. In the ads, NRSC claims, “Peters fought against funding for the VA, veterans housing programs, military pay raises, and health care and research for veterans and their families. He also fought against funding for processing veterans’ disability claims.” However, reality differs from the claims. He did vote against a VA funding bill in 2013, along with many other Democrats – because it contained large spending cuts across the government, including for the implementation of Obamacare. Another funding bill – in conference – would have restricted money for family planning, and another did not include money for the Flint water crisis. As for housing programs, Peters has expressed support for veteran housing and requested funding in the last four appropriations cycles, and he co-sponsored legislation for additional funding to meet the health care needs of female vets. His record also shows he voted for a bill in December 2019 that included $125 million for processing disability claims for Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange. Guess NRSC doesn’t believe in truth in advertising.


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