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Now that the dust has settled after the state primary election, there are two big questions circling around GOP cliques, with the primary one being, where is GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon? The Norton Shores talk show host, who previously worked in her family’s manufacturing business, has seemingly gone on August vacation – not a good sign in a race where a segment of the Republican voters have not yet come around to supporting her, noted one Republican political consultant, because Dixon’s primary backers are former national education secretary Betsy DeVos and family, who worked against state legislators in the primary who are aligned with former President Donald Trump. “Their preferred candidate was Ryan Kelley or Garrett Soldano, and they haven’t come around to Dixon – but at the end of the day, they won’t support Gretchen Whitmer. Some may do a write-in protest vote. But Tudor Dixon can’t afford to lose any Republican voters.” Whitmer’s side is defining Dixon with ads using her own anti-abortion clips – and Republicans are getting concerned that she is not redefining herself. Some expect the next Democratic line of attack to make her out to be the one responsible for her father’s business going under. Word is The Republican Governors Association has made it known that they will not be putting money into the Dixon race — they have “better use for the money” because they don’t see this race as winnable. 



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