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Gretchen Whitmer

Some notable Democrats, those who attend fundraisers with open wallets, have begun sharing that they are disappointed in Governor Gretchen Whitmer – while she has a Democratic administration and both houses of the state legislature for the first time in decades, many are feeling she’s gone too far this term – especially with her successful push to repeal Right to Work legislation. “I know she has the union’s backing, and she felt she had to do it, but a lot of people feel she’s gone too far. Business doesn’t like it. Look at Stellantis – they just picked Indiana over Michigan (for their second battery plant),” said one politico. Some Republicans believe the state House will return to its Republican core in 2024 – especially with two Democratic House members running for local mayoral races this November. “We only need two (seats) to turn it,” said one top Republican. As for the state party dysfunction? He dismissed it. “Everyone is bypassing the party. The Michigan House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) – that’s where the money is going. Ironically, Michigan had one of the most active state parties (in years past). Most state parties act like ours is now. Donations are going to the House, and they’re targeting good candidates – and they’re getting good ones.” That said, all of this sounds more like wishful thinking when you look at the solid Democrat leaning of the two House districts where the incumbents are running for local office, so any GOP gains will have to come from elsewhere.



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