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Could MAGA-fever finally be breaking in Michigan? A post-election observation is that just about anyone associated with former President Donald Trump got torched, among them his anointed candidates Tudor Dixon, Matt DePerno, Kristina Karamo, John Gibbs, and others who were straight-up whupped by Democrats, even turning both houses of the state legislature blue for the first time since 1984. A leaked memo to seemingly all the media from chief of staff to the GOP party chairs, Paul Cordes, laid the blame for the historic losses at Dixon’s feet, but she fought back, tweeting, (party chairs) “Ron Weiser, Meshawn Maddock and Cordes all refuse to take ownership for their failures.” Former Michigan GOP party co-chair Jeff Sakwa (along with Ronna “don’t call me Romney” McDaniel) agrees. “First, if you’re a party chair or chief, you don’t put anything in writing. Second, Tudor got more votes than any other Republican in history,” he noted, while acknowledging that Democrats, and many Republicans, did not vote for her, something he predicted in this column a couple of months ago, noting that Maddock in particular chose her and brought her to Trump to endorse, leading to the election debacle.


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