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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is wasting no time in attacking U.S. Rep. John James from the 10th District which includes Rochester, Rochester Hills and southern Macomb County now that the group has named his district as a target in the party’s effort to regain the House. The Democratic group, along with some GOP observers, are ranking James as vulnerable after winning this seat in 2022 by a slim margin of only 1,600 votes. The DCCC is issuing press releases painting James as a model MAGA candidate based on some of his votes in Congress, including against a women’s right to choose, and has even dredged up an incident from the James’ 2020 failed U.S. Senate run (one of two failed attempts) when members of the Proud Boys bought tickets and volunteered to help at a campaign event of his. Meanwhile, James in early April picked up his first formal Democrat challenger, Diane Young, a financial planner from Warren with a business in Rochester Hills. Young had previously failed by a very wide margin in 2016 when she ran for the state House against state Rep. Peter Lucido, now the Macomb County Prosecutor. She is not expected to be the only Democrat jumping into the 2024 contest to take on James who is expected this summer to move into the Shelby part of the 10th District. Also throwing her hat in the ring is Democrat is Emily Busch of Oxford, mother of one of the survivors of the Oxford school shooting incident. In making her announcement, Busch noted the Oxford shooting as one of the life experiences which crystallized her thinking about running for office, criticizing James on the issue. Busch, who recently lost a run for a state House seat, does not not live in the 10th District but members of U.S. House are not required to reside in the district which they represent, reminiscent of when James first ran for his current post.



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