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Kristina Karamo

Lena Epstein is not the only November candidate with dirty laundry being aired from their divorce filings. Now comes Republican Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo, whose Florida ex-husband has raised personal details from the candidate’s past in his filing to have his visitation schedule with his daughters changed. The story was first broken by the left of center – but highly factual – Business Insider. We took our own look at the filings in the Family Division of the Oakland County Circuit Court.  Her ex (Adom) claims in his filing that when he first approached  Karamo about a divorce (filed in 2014), she threatened to kill him and their two daughters. The ex further claims that the SOS candidate did time in “an institution for evaluation due to her efforts at self-harm and suicide.” Karamo’s campaign issued a denial to the reporter for Business Insider and then proceeded to cast some shade on Adom filing and disclosing such personal information during a campaign cycle, which makes us wonder about the legitimacy of the denial. In February of this year, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Julie A. MacDonald issued an order basically granting what Karamo’s ex had requested, with stipulations, relative to holiday, off-school days  and summers to be spent at his Florida home. 


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