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Andy Levin

Here’s a campaign blunder that would be right up the alley of gonzo journalist Hunt S. Thompson (Fear  and Loathing on the Campaign Trail) if he was still around. The day the U.S. Supreme Court tossed out legal abortions by overturning the Roe v Wade decision from five decades ago, Michigan Congressman Andy Levin posted on his Twitter account a picture of himself doing a yoga pose on a mat in his Capitol office with some accompanying verbiage saying he was “turning inward” after the court ruling and also passage of gun reform legislation. Followers from both sides of the political aisle were not impressed. After an outpouring in the first hour of critical comments ranging from out-of-touch, WTF, “you suck’”and much worse, the tweet was deleted. But as one follower noted, the internet is forever. The gaffe – and the now deleted photo –  got heavy media coverage, from a shaming by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, to The Daily Beast, HuffPost and U.S. News, to name just a few. This is not the first time Levin has posted photos of himself doing yoga in D.C. – the most memorable one during a tour with staff of the Capitol Dome, when he decided to do a yoga hand stand outside at the top of the dome “way up there” overlooking the city. Ommm. 



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