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Perry Johnson

Bloomfield Hills businessman and failed gubernatorial candidate Perry Johnson – remember he tried to buy a run as the Republican candidate for Michigan governor, but forgot rule number one: check the signatures on the nominating petitions. Turns out, he had hired a group who filed thousands of fraudulent nominating signatures, and was booted from appearing on the primary ballot. For his next political act, he has decided to run for president in 2024. He announced his White House bid in March after former GOP chair Meshawn Maddock and her hubby state Rep. Matt “Mad Dog” Maddock (R-Milford) introduced Johnson to some of the MAGA faithful at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) outside Washington D.C. But some in the know say Johnson doesn’t really want to run for president – he’s just “trying to position himself in a good position with (former president Donald) Trump, so if he wins, Johnson can get a cabinet position or an ambassadorship. Worse comes to worse, he’s got more PR for another run for governor,” said one in-the-know politico.



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