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Last month we were forced to eat crow, as the colloquial expression goes, after we sent out to a few thousand followers our email blast of Oakland Confidential in which we chided the Oakland County Republican Party for involving itself in the non-partisan Birmingham election for city commission because they sent out an email recommending four candidates of a seven-person field for voters to consider when casting ballots. An official with the local Democrat club told us that they did not endorse in the race. But we later learned that their skirts were not so clean when we were alerted to an online club announcement in favor of three candidates in the city election. The online missive showed a picture of the three candidates with a headline that read (and still reads:) “Attention Birmingham voters..In the upcoming Birmingham City Commission race, please support ...” We recently heard from a club official saying the club had not “voted” to endorse, so it was really not an endorsement. Really? But it walks like a duck...



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