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Now that the tea leaves have been sorted and the sludge filtered out and even the most die hard Republicans have finally accepted the election results the rest of us have known since November 7, the next battle state Republicans are facing is who will lead them forward in 2021. Word around political quarters is that former Michigan GOP head Ron Weiser – who is a regent at University of Michigan and was ambassador to Slovakia under former President George W. Bush from 2001-2006 – wants to take the reins of the state party back from current party chair Laura Cox. After all, under Cox, a former state rep from Livonia, who has been state chair since 2019 – and did not deliver the state for the party – ie, Donald Trump or John James. Weiser previously was state party chair first in 2010, and then again from 2017 to 2019, when he stepped down he said, to battle cancer. In recent interviews, he has said he is doing well. Look for the two at center ring February 20, 2021 when the vote on the position takes place.



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