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Michigan’s noted Devos family has placed their hand on the tiller for the Republican gubernatorial primary, endorsing candidate Tudor Dixon of Norton Shores, a radio host on the west side of the state. Former GOP Michigan chair (and one-time unsuccessful candidate for governor) Dick Devos, husband of Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy Devos, said the endorsement came from the entire family, and “the family intends to support her financially.” So far, Dixon has not been a top GOP gubernatorial fundraiser, nor at the top of the polls, but with the Devos’ assistance, that could definitely help. “She presents very well,” said one top Republican leader who was personally  assured by Dixon that she would never say former President Trump won. “But she did, and lied to me, so we’re done.” As to why the Devos’ would choose Dixon over other candidates, the GOP prognosticator said one reason is higher polling Perry  Johnson of Bloomfield Township, likely no longer on the ballot, is working with political strategist and consultant John Yob – “and the Devoses hate Yob, so they would never support Johnson.”


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