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After a summer of teasing Republicans, former Detroit Police Chief James Craig made his run for governor in 2022 official by literally… running from protesters from Detroit Will Breathe, who surrounded and outnumbered supporters at his announcement at Belle Isle. At a relocated announcement, he sort of answered a few questions from reporters before being whisked away, such as his stance on the pandemic and mask requirements – he was a staunch supporter when he was chief and instituted a firm mask requirement, but now, said it was up to parents of school children and that vaccinations should be up to individuals, and touted his law and order record. He mocked Gov. Whitmer on her 2018 slogan, “Fix the damn roads,” but said infrastructure wasn’t one of his issues. At least he answered those questions, which is more than at a late August Oakland County press conference – the press was not allowed in the room, but separated by a glass window. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, another law-and-order aficionado, along with other law enforcement individuals from around the state, stood by his side as he said he would accept former President Donald Trump’s endorsement, and would not comment about whether or not he believed Trump’s 2020 election assertions.



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